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The Dreambaby® Mag Lock® Magnetic Locking System is the ultimate child safety product. Hidden inside cupboards and drawers, the locks can only be released with the use of the powerful Magnetic Key.

One of the greatest dangers that children face is what is lurking in their own cabinets at home. Cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens are the worst offenders. Luckily, with the Dreambaby® Mag Lock® Classic System, all that worry, and risk can be a thing of the past in your home. The Magnetic Locking System features a two-piece lock, one that installs to the inside top or side of the cabinet, and one that installs on the inside of the cabinet door. The catch on the door locks into the piece on the inside of the cabinet, preventing the cabinet from being opened. The only way to open the cabinet door is using the special magnetic key. The key houses a strong magnet that when applied to the outside of the cabinet, directly over the locking system will open the cabinet door. When you’re done in the cupboard, just close the door and the lock engages automatically. No need to push, latch, or clip anything into place. It’s almost like magic! The key must be stored away on a high shelf, top of refrigerator or in another area where small hands can’t access it. Dreambaby® Mag Lock® Classic is great for grandparents and part time caregivers as there’s an optional use internal clip that you can use to disengage the lock when the children aren’t around. Out of sight, out of mind, because the locking system is all inside the cabinet it doesn’t create any décor clashes or eye sores, and curious children aren’t attracted to it. Each package comes with one lock.  The magnets are suitable for cabinets between 0.5” and 1.1” thickness, making them perfect for homes and families everywhere.

  • WORKS LIKE MAGIC: The Mag Lock® Classic cabinet locking system takes innovation to the next level by using magnets to keep your cabinets secure from curious little hands. These locks automatically engage when you close the cabinet and can only be opened with the provided key
  • KEEP YOUR KITCHEN BEAUTIFUL: Baby safety never looked so good. The Mag Lock® Classic has all the security mechanisms totally concealed inside your cabinets, so they don’t create an eyesore in your kitchen, bathroom, or more
  • AUTOMATICALLY LOCKING: As soon as you close your cabinet, these locks are engaged. That means you don’t have to hook, push, or snap anything into place whenever you want to increase safety in your home. Simply close the door when you are finished
  • LEAVE IT UNLOCKED: Great for grandparents and part time caregivers as there’s an optional use internal clip that you can use to disengage the lock when the children aren’t around. This allows you to keep the cabinet unlocked when you want and secure when you need to
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Dreambaby® Mag Lock® Classic includes 1 extra lock – Keys sold separately. It is a magnetic locking system in which the Mag Lock® Key retracts the latch, allowing the cabinet to be opened. Hardware installation is required using a drill and will be completely hidden within the cabinet

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