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Dreambaby® Watch-The-Step® Gate Ramps are a clever addition to pressure-mounted gates that helps prevent trips and stumbles by both adults and children. Simply slot under the base of your existing gate for improved safety.

Pressure mounted security gates are one of the easiest ways to keep your family safer. However, the lower structure bar on all pressure mounted gates can be a toe stubbing or tripping hazard, which can lead to some boo boos in both children and adults. The Dreambaby® Watch-The-Step® Gate Ramp is designed to help avoid this by reducing the hazard of that bottom bar. Sloping upward toward the bar on both sides, the ramp creates a much smoother walking surface. It even features raised dots for added traction. The ramp is ready straight out of the box and only takes a couple minutes to install. It’s a quick and easy solution to a potentially painful problem. The Dreambaby® Watch-The-Step® Gate Ramp is ideal for homes frequently navigated by the elderly or by guests who aren’t used to security gates. The ramp also helps make your home a more handicap accessible place, allowing persons with walkers easily pass from room to room. This Gate Ramp is specifically designed to be used with Dreambaby® and most other pressure mounted gates without impeding the gates two-way opening action. It is constructed from durable plastic, designed to be strong and easy to clean. The Dreambaby® Watch-The-Step® Gate Ramp measures 18 inches long, 4.25 inches wide, and 1 inch high. It’s a must have for any home with a Dreambaby® Pressure Mounted Security Gate. 

  • A TOTAL MUST HAVE: Don’t wait until after you stub your toe to invest in the Dreambaby® Watch-The-Step® Gate Ramp. It’s essential for most pressure mounted security gates, helping to reduce the risk of jammed toes and tripping in your home
  • CONVENIENT USE: This ramp is designed to be used with all Dreambaby® Pressure Mounted Security Gate models as well as most other brands. It does not affect the gate’s two-way action and can even be installed with gates in any position in the home
  • SMART SAFETY DESIGN: Dreambaby® predicted the next hazard before it could even be a question by equipping their Gate Ramp with raised dots for traction. These dots make the ramp safer, which makes your gate safer, which makes your home safer! We’ve thought of everything
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: You won’t want to wait another minute to install this ramp, so Dreambaby® has made application super easy. It’s ready to go straight out of the box and requires so little effort, you’ll regret not having done it sooner
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Each package contains (1) Dreambaby® Watch-The-Step® Gate Ramp. Designed to be used with most Dreambaby® Pressure Mounted Gates. Measures 18 x 4.25 x 1 inches. Constructed of durable plastic

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