Holiday Travel Tips

Whether you’re planning a long drive to a relative’s house or a flight across time zones, our suggestions below will help keep your family safer, sound and sane during your holiday visits.

Before you leave 

When traveling or visiting family members, consider packing a few safety items with you. Consider adding our travel child proofing kit No Tools No Screws Safety Value Pack, which contains items such as outlet plugs, door stoppers and corner protectors that you can easily install in any space.  We recommend you ask your host about child proofing before you arrive. Reach out and remind them to store medicine, cleaning products and other hazards out of reach. 


Smart travel tricks

During the busy holiday travel season, there is bound to be heavy traffic, winter weather, delayed flights, and crowded airports. Once you get on the road, stick to your family’s routine as much as possible, and that includes snack time. Don’t forget to pack our Pouch Pal® for your toddler to enjoy their favourite snack on a long car ride or before a flight to help keep their tummy full and your area mess-free! 


During the trip

Any festive gathering with lots of young and energetic children can get loud and chaotic quickly. So while kids and their excitement make the holidays brighter, it is also essential to continue to keep their safety and energy levels top of mind while away. This way, your toddler—and you—will avoid burnout and will return home from your trip feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Traveling during the holiday season always comes with added challenges, especially when travelling as a family with little ones. Check out our full range of products on to help you conquer your next travel plans.