Creating Healthy Habits

Every family benefits from adopting healthy habits together! We all know how essential it is to practice healthy daily routines, such as washing your hands, and it’s just as important to instill these habits in our little ones. The expert team at Dreambaby® suggests breaking down big goals into manageable habits as this will help you and your family achieve goals faster and more efficiently. 


Practice Good Personal Hygiene

Teaching kids to brush their teeth twice a day from a very young age will help prevent cavities, tooth decay and gum disease. Keeping your mouth healthy also includes eating less sugary foods – especially when snacking on candy and treats. Try our Toothbrush Set, which encourages your toddler to learn correct brushing techniques as their teeth start to come in.

Parents can help their children practice good personal hygiene habits from a young age. Keep areas such as your children’s hands extra clean by regularly cutting their nails using nail clippers specially designed for babies, such as our Premium Nail Clippers with Magnifier


Hand Washing

Most germs are spread through hand contact. When your kids are ready to start washing their hands on their own, use a stool, such as Dreambaby®‘s 2-Up Step Stool. This valuable item will allow little ones to practice handwashing even when they can’t reach the sink by themselves.

To make hand washing fun and ensure they are doing a thorough job, pick a song for your little one to sing along to so they wash hands for at least 20 seconds. 

Teach little ones to wash their hands each time they experience any of the below:

  • Before and after preparing/eating food
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound
  • After using the toilet
  • After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • Before and after you’ve left the house


Healthy Food Choices

Eating well supports your child’s physical and neurological development. Nutrition for kids is an important life lesson to teach as everyone needs nutrients and vitamins. It is essential to teach your children the importance of healthy food choices. 


Visually show your children the main five food groups:


By sticking to set meal times each day, it will allow children to understand when mealtime comes, and they’ll have a heartier appetite for their nourishing dinner. For busy toddlers that get hungry between meals, we've developed the Pouch Pal® to help prevent squeezy messes and snacking on the go! 


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