Childproofing Checkup for the New Year

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of your home, you might even feel inspired to tick through your “fix-it” list, rearrange furniture or update your décor.

As you review your home’s repair and aesthetic needs, we recommend that you review your childproofing efforts as well. Performing regular childproofing check ups throughout the year is important as your little one moves through their developmental stages - from baby, to crawler, to toddler. 


Here’s our checklist to  review your childproofing efforts in the different rooms in your home:





  • Install latches on cabinets and drawers
  • Add a toilet lock
  • Use a bath thermometer to ensure your baby's bathwater is a safe temperature
  • Check that water heater is set to lower than 120F
  • Clear cosmetics and toiletries from counters and unlocked cabinetry.


Living Areas

  • Consider the types of houseplants in your home. Potting mix (and some plants!) can be toxic, so consider placing any houseplants above the reach of your curious little ones.  
  • Vacuum regularlyCheck that all furniture is anchored to walls to prevent tipping
  • Check that sharp corners are covered
  • Install safety guards on windows
  • Cover electrical outlets and check all electrical cords for tripping hazards


  • Make sure the crib is positioned away from windows, furniture and lamps
  • Use bedrails to prevent nighttime falls once child transitions to a big kid bed
  • Consider using finger pinch guards on doors and toy boxes to protect little fingers


From all of us at Dreambaby®, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy 2023!!



Photo credit: @bex_and_hux