Baby Proofing Checklist: Things to keep in mind before coming home with your newborn baby

Parents remember to baby-proof their homes when a new baby arrives however, they often overlook doing the same for their vehicles. Before you even get into the car, think about the items you will need to safeguard your vehicle to help reduce potentially unsafe areas and keep your baby comfortable.

We have compiled a list of safety tips to help baby proof your vehicle with Dreambaby® products while you are on the move:

  • Install window shades on the back windows for sun protection
  • Engage the window locks and child lock on your doors
  • Attach backseat mirrors to keep an eye on your child
  • Add Baby on board sign
  • Clean out your car and remove any small objects that could be choking hazards, such as coins, candy, or small toys
  • Have a first aid kit available at all times - At home and on-the-go


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