As you begin to plan out your baby’s room, your new bundle of joy is sure to spend quite a bit of time in their nursery. The nursery is the place for your little one to rest and grow, ensure its baby proofed so they can rest comfortably - and as parents can rest comfortably too.

Ideally, parenting experts recommend starting as early as three months before your due date to ensure you give yourself enough time - should your little one decide to come a little early.

Nursery Safety Tips

Our nursery checklist complete with Dreambaby® products will help you make sure that you have all of the babyproofing essentials covered:

  • Position the crib away from windows, free-standing lamps, large furniture and cords
  • Pull crib away from other furniture and have a safe distance between
  • Install safety guards on the window
  • Anchor and secure dressers and furniture to the wall
  • Consider using finger pinch guards on doors to prevent finger pinches
  • Add a thick carpet or a rug to cushion falls
  • Do not keep blankets, pillows or toys in the crib with baby
  • Purchase thermometer to ensure baby's room & bathwater is a suitable temperature



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