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Keep an eye on your little ones with The Dreambaby® Strap Latch with EZY-Check® Indicator. It extends up to 25cm (10”) and helps keep your little ones safe from household accidents by securing cabinets, refrigerators and other appliances. The EZY-Check® indicator shows you if the latch is locked or unlocked, making it even easier to keep your kids safe at home.


Children are curious creatures. This is great for learning and exploring, but not so good for keeping them safe at all times! Injury can happen easily as children are unaware of the dangers of some drawers, cupboards, doors etc. The Dreambaby® Strap Latch with EZY-Check® Indicator is ideal for helping protect tots who love to explore – but have no idea about safe and non-safe environments.

  • The EZY-Check® Indicator provides instant peace of mind. Simply look to see if it is showing red for unlocked or green for locked and safe.
  • Flexible and easily adjustable, it can stretch around corners or be used flat.
  • Super-strong adhesive backing is suitable for gloss and laminated furniture, glass, mirrors, varnished wood, timber veneer, metal cabinets and kitchen appliances.
  • Help keep your valuable such as expensive home theatre equipment from being damaged or broken.

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